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El Paso Fun Fest 2023

Saturday, October 21, 2023 at Marty Robbins Park

We look forward to seeing you next year!

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Check out photos we got the day of the event

Huge Thank You to Our Schools!

How we want to continue helping

We have selected the top 12 schools with the highest attendance rate depending on the number of coupon books dropped off. These are the schools we chose!

  • W.D. Surrat Elementary School

  • O'Donnell Intermediate School

  • Horizon Heights Elementary

  • Hyrtle Cooper Elementary

  • Benito Martinez Elementary

  • Desert Hills Elementary

  • Vista Del Sol Science Academy

  • Mission Ridge Elementary

  • Sierra Vista STEAM

  • Loma Verde Elementary

  • James P. Butler Elementary

  • Ysleta Pre-kinder

For all your students with perfect attendance, we will be having a Perfect Attendance Dance Party at the end of each nine weeks! 
Thank you and Congratulations!!
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El Paso Fun Fest Over the Years

El Paso Fun Fest started in 2014 with the concept of promoting and incentivizing both perfect attendance and A/B Honor Roll students in schools across El Paso. Our goal apart from this, was to create an event that not only highlighted the efforts of students, but to also provide a fun, and entertaining event for the family. With FREE entrance and parking, all members of the community are able to join together for a day full of games, giveaways, and other services provided by local, El Pasoan businesses. A  key characteristic of our event are coupon books for those students with either perfect attendance or A/B Honor Roll, that gives them FREE activities, prizes, and other commodities provided at the event.  Since 2014, we have had a successful, 6 continuous years of events up until 2019. Hosting live music, shows, and highlights of the students of our community, a total of over 100,000 students have been recognized with prizes and activities. This is apart from the 9,000-16,000 attendees we have had each year we have hosted Fun Fest. Given the pandemic that happened in 2020, we have had to postpone Fun Fest for the concern for the health and well-being of members of the community. Therefore, we are happy to bring back Fun Fest this year and have goals for it to be a memorable experience for all who attend. With that, we would like to invite you and your family members, including those students who have either perfect attendance or A/B Honor Roll, to come to our event this year! We will have popular food vendors, local businesses, music, fun, and games for everyone who attends. We look forward to seeing you there! Everyone is welcome! For any schools or businesses that would like to participate in this event, or for any parents who may have questions, please contact us!

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Coupon Books!

Perfect Attendance | AB Honor Roll

Students in select schools will recieve a coupon book with free games, prizes, and snacks from our different vendors if they have either perfect attendance or AB honor roll for the 2023-2024 academic year. Vendors also have the option of adding free goodies they would like to gift these students into the coupon books! An example would be this image. If you don't recieve a coupon book you can still come to our event!

Check out our coupon book from this year's event!


Fun for the whole family

Jumping Ballons, Face Paintings, Balloon Shapes, Games, Arts, Crafts, Contests, Live Entertainment, Music, Food & Drinks and much more!


Past Events

Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors.

Meet our sponsors for the El Paso Fun Fest 2023! We are entirely grateful to be working with them, as they are contributing greatly to our event this year!

Do you want to become a sponsor? Call us! 915-867-2315

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City of El Paso

Parks & Rereation


Communities in Schools

Collaborative Partners

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Health Corner Pediatrics

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